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Podcast S2. Ep. 4 What Makes a Bad Coach?

“The most powerful part of coaching, whether I’m being coached or I am coaching, is being able to pull out those nuances of what is the need in your life.” — Kirsten [00:15:42]  In today’s

Podcast S2 Ep. 1: Reflection & Intention

“My goal for season two is to have a very clear intention, less reaction, more intention. I want to approach everything from a place of there’s purpose behind this and it’s less frantic energy. I’m

Podcast S1 Ep. 17: The Real Truth of Self-Leadership

“It has to start with a place of, I’m acknowledging that it is about more than just financial success. It is about what do I actually desire my life to look like? And then can

Podcast S1 Ep. 15: Be In Your Purpose

“But this truly was a soul calling of this is what I am meant to be doing, and that is a feeling that we should all try to create in our business. And if it