Showing up authentic af

Podcast Ep. 15: Be In Your Purpose

“But this truly was a soul calling of this is what I am meant to be doing, and that is a feeling that we should all try to create in our business. And if it

Podcast Ep. 14: The Secret Sauce to Your Brand Is You

“So you have to find a way to let your originality and your strength, that is your personality, be the message and be the thing that is your business. Because the businesses that we run

Podcast Ep. 11: Fempreneurship Despite Fear with Carla Biesinge

“The fear doesn’t go away, no matter what level you’re at. The fear just changes.” [00:16:06] Kirsten Entrepreneurship isn’t just a career shift, it’s a total mindset shift. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve experienced the overwhelming

Podcast Ep. 10: You’ve Already Earned Your Stripes

“It’s the unworthy [feeling] that bothers me the most in our profession. Because why in the world would you be unworthy when you have gone through all of these things and you’ve studied all of

Podcast Ep. 9: Disheartened RDs Leaving the Profession

“Get back to why you entered nutrition in the first place. What do you love about it? And cut out all the noise.” [00:17:33] Kirsten Ask any Registered Dietitian, and chances are they know a

Podcast Ep. 7: Don’t Be a Troll

“We’re not against people giving their opinions or sharing their viewpoint. We are against playground bullies that hide behind an app and feel the need to voice things in such a fashion that they hopefully