Private Mentorship


I’m so excited that you’re here and even getting to this place is worthy of a massive celebration in and of itself! (And you deserve to celebrate ALL wins – big or small!).
You’re in the right place if you are desiring:
  • A business that allows you to have the freedom of time, money, and choice. Choice to live your life the way you want to — no exceptions. The quality of your life is TOP PRIORITY.
  • To break all of the rules that other big name coaches tell you that you have to succumb to in order to be successful. Sustainable 6+ figure income, your way.
  • Complete freedom to do business the way you want to. Meaning… if you don’t want to do sales calls, dm outreach, intricate content strategies that suck the life out of your creativity, any of it… you don’t have to.
  • Support to navigate your own mind drama, self sabotage tendencies, and all of the ups and downs that are inevitable in building your EMPIRE (they’re normal, but what matters is how you deal with them).
  • To work with aligned clients, make sales feel easy AF, be genuinely excited to wake up and do the work you love every day, and make lots of money while you do it.
If this feels like a “F*CK YEAH”, you should probably apply 😉
Once your application is submitted, I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours via email with next steps.

You’re all in. You’re ready to claim everything. You’re choosing this life, your dreams, “this is my Plan A, B, and C,” you are in this. Let’s fckn go. I cannot wait to see you thrive.

The details:

  • 3-, 6-, or 12-month plans
  • Up to 2 calls per month
  • Private Voxer support (Kirsten is in Voxer at least once/day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays)
  • Automatic enrollment in all programs and masterclasses happening during your time in private mentorship (you have lifetime access to them)

I take on a limited number of private mentorship clients at a time. Fill out the application below to get started!

For all programs, masterminds, and private mentorship, if you are paying through a payment plan, you are responsible for completing each payment regardless of whether you leave the program or do not complete it in the time frame provided. There are no refunds. Private mentorship starts when all payments have been completed.
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