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Podcast S1 Ep. 11: Fempreneurship Despite Fear with Carla Biesinge

“The fear doesn’t go away, no matter what level you’re at. The fear just changes.”[00:16:06] Kirsten Entrepreneurship isn’t just a career shift, it’s a total mindset shift. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve experienced the overwhelming ups

Podcast S1 Ep. 10: You’ve Already Earned Your Stripes

“It’s the unworthy [feeling] that bothers me the most in our profession. Because why in the world would you be unworthy when you have gone through all of these things and you’ve studied all of

Podcast S1 Ep. 7: Don’t Be a Troll

“We’re not against people giving their opinions or sharing their viewpoint. We are against playground bullies that hide behind an app and feel the need to voice things in such a fashion that they hopefully

Podcast S1 Ep. 6: Uncomfortable Conversations About Money

“If you’re qualified, if you can produce the value and the transformations, and you’ve proven time and time and time again that you are the woman for the job, why should you apologize for the

Podcast S1 Ep. 4: Why DM Sales Scripts Are Dead

“I want money from the right aligned people who want to be in my space because something that I said or did or a way that I showed up resonated with them.”  [00:07:43] Kirsten  If