Showing up authentic af

Podcast S1 Ep. 4: Why DM Sales Scripts Are Dead

“I want money from the right aligned people who want to be in my space because something that I said or did or a way that I showed up resonated with them.”  [00:07:43] Kirsten  If

Podcast S1 Ep. 3: Toeing the Line Based on the Old Paradigm

“We’re saying it’s important to be authentic to you and step into that, but also know that it’s probably going to be uncomfortable as shit and that’s part of the process.” [00:17:31] Brooke Much of

Podcast S1 Ep. 2: No One Knows Who Dietitians Are

“I’ve waited for 20 years and here we are. We can’t wait for other professionals to do it. But when I then say we have to make noise, it’s noise toward the consumer, but also

Podcast S1 Ep. 1: Who We Are & Why We’re Here

Ep. 1: Who We Are & Why We’re Here “It was a huge turning point of kind of stepping into what I knew I was really good at and just having the confidence to do


How to Scale (and Sustain!) Your Online Coaching Business to Six Figures & Beyond

(Without Trading all of Your Time for Money, Doing Ick Pain Point Marketing, Or Having to Cold DM Strangers on the Internet 😖)