Podcast S1 Ep. 14: The Secret Sauce to Your Brand Is You

“So you have to find a way to let your originality and your strength, that is your personality, be the message and be the thing that is your business. Because the businesses that we run as entrepreneurs and I don’t care if you sell widgets or you provide a service, you as an entrepreneur are the business.”

— Kirsten [13:09]

How you show up in your business extends to your branding, your marketing, your messaging. When you don’t show up as yourself, it’s going to be difficult to feel aligned with your work and build a business that you love.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about how important it is to show up authentically—just as you are. Don’t worry about the followers you will lose, and focus instead on the clarity and perfect clients that you will gain. 

You won’t struggle with what to create, what to offer, or what to sell if you’re doing the things you love and being yourself and putting your authentic self out there.

What’s in this episode:

  • [04:44] What can happen to your following when you show up authentically and how it feels when people don’t understand who you are or what you’re about
  • [11:20] Why it’s important to be unapologetically yourself and how you can learn from others who have triggered you in the past
  • [15:02] Why you should say what you want to say without overthinking it or “crafting” a message and how to bring humanity back into your brand
  • [19:32] How to create content that’s meaningful and how easy it is to share genuine content if you are embodying what you teach

Resources mentioned:

Connect with Kirsten on Instagram at or by visiting her website at Follow her on Instagram to learn about private business coaching and business program information. To learn more about creating a business that feels easy, aligned, and fulfilling, on your terms, checking The Realigned Mastermind:

Connect with Brooke at or by visiting her website at Follow her on Instagram to learn about her openings for business intensives for RDs launching their own business and Voxer coaching.

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