Podcast S1 Ep. 13: Why Your Business Structure is Burning You Out

“So I think we need to change the paradigm of thinking here from I will lose clients to, No, I will open the door to so many new clients on so many different levels. And I can have such a higher impact for people that are, you know, anywhere on the spectrum of need that I could support. It’s not a loss, it’s a gain.”

—Kirsten [18:16]

If you constantly feel burnt out, like you’re working all the time and you can’t get ahead, you are not alone. You’ve built your own business which means you get to make the rules about how to run it. And if you’re treading water every day, you’re going to burn out before you can build something that is lasting.

In today’s episode, we’re chatting about diversifying your offerings, setting boundaries, and embracing growth in your business. 

Your worth is not connected to how productive you are or how much money you make. You can make the money you desire and give high impact services to your clients. You can give yourself freedom of time—for yourself, your health, your family, your interests. Building the right structure for your business will help you get there.

What’s in this episode:

  • Why only one stream of revenue via 1:1 clients is not sustainable or scalable [03:14] 
  • Diversifying your revenue streams with groups and programs [07:52]
  • How to set clear boundaries [13:18]
  • How to overcome fear and take the leap to being adding revenue streams [20:41]

Resources mentioned:

Celestina’s episode on human design

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