Podcast S1 Ep. 16: RD Business Struggles Are International, with Katharina Kuehtreiber

“And the fact that you can now take that as your guide post of it is about what I want to do and I’m allowed to show up and say what I want to say. And when in doubt, I just need this little nudge, this little reminder of like, well, how would I show up if I was already that person doing exactly what I want to do? That’s the mindset shift.”

— Kirsten [22:52]

As it turns, dietitians experience a lot of similarities across the globe. Pushback from governing bodies, hoops to jump through to prove your experience and your worth, and if you have any ideas that are forward-thinking and progressive, it can be difficult to get them out into the world.

In today’s episode, we’re chatting with Katharina Kühtreiber, a dietitian in Austria who focuses on an anti-diet, weight inclusive, female-focused approach to dietetics. She’s sharing the differences and similarities between dietetics in the US and Europe as well as how she is breaking barriers taking a more progressive approach with her business and her offerings.

Dietitians have such an opportunity to push for more—more respect, more money, more focus on what really matters to people when it comes to their health. Changing the game can happen if we come together and do the work to speak up and out.

What’s in this episode:

  • [01:25] How Kirsten first connected with Kat
  • [09:26] How other dietitians react to Kat’s more progressive approach to her business and what has changed for Kat to really step into her power, value, and worth
  • [12:59] How Europe has a similar governing body with restrictive rules and mindset
  • [19:23] How Kat worked with Kirsten on giving herself permission to step into her power and how mindset shifts and authenticity bring the right opportunities your way
  • [30:06] What Kat thinks dietitians in Austria need to do to move the profession forward

Resources mentioned:

Kat’s Bio:

Kat has been an Austrian RD since 2013, specializing in intuitive eating & hormonal balance (knowing the female cycle including perimenopause) – anti-diet & weight-inclusive approach (is still “newish“ in Austria… we are always a bit behind as Kirsten would say.) She’s a travel enthusiast and has been traveling/backpacking in Asia for more than 22 months in total (including volunteering in Nepal, building schools). She loves to be active, especially running next to my beloved Danube river, and loves to connect with other RDs and entrepreneurs to share wins, knowledge, struggles and experience.


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