Podcast S3. Ep. 9: Why You Need to Take Care of Your Team First with Screen Nutrition Coach Rachel Leach

“Managing people in other people’s businesses is hard because you don’t get to make the decisions. You just have to make sure they fall in line with the decisions that were made above your head. But when you do build your own thing, you get to decide this is the standard to which I want to hold it.” – Kirsten [00:17:17]

Today, I have one of my favorite people on the podcast, my mentee and the other coach at Screen Nutrition, Rachel Leach. Rachel is so passionate, thoughtful, and hard-working, but our relationship isn’t just about business. We’ve been able to help each other grow in different ways in the last three years.

In this episode, Rachel and I reminisce about how she joined Screen Nutrition. She discusses all the ways she’s grown as a coach since joining my company, and how Screen Nutrition has offered her unique opportunities to grow and expand personally and professionally. We also chat about how to make employees feel valued and why that’s such an important part of having a sustainable business. 

Plus, as always, I’m leaving you with a question today: Do you have your business priorities straight (especially as it pertains to your employees)? Send me a message and let me know!

Okay, let’s dive in!

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:14] Who Rachel is and what she loves
  • [07:27] How Rachel and Kirsten found each other and started working together
  • [13:35] Why Rachel was excited to take a leap and jump into a new role even if it felt a little experimental
  • [18:13] How Rachel and Kirsten maintain open communication to make sure business is running intentionally, effectively, and stress-free as possible for everyone
  • [24:54] How Kirsten offers Rachel latitude to grow and experiment inside the Screen Nutrition business
  • [34:21] How Kirsten’s trust in Rachel has allowed to her develop her own confidence in her skills
  • [38:15] Why Kirsten believes so deeply in valuing employees over almost everything else


Resources mentioned:

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Meet Rachel Leach:

Rachel is the other dietitian here at Screen Nutrition! She’s a Registered & Licensed Dietitian, powerlifter, doughnut enthusiast and people person. She has multiple years’ experience educating others on how to fuel optimally for their daily lives and athletic performance. 


She received her undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech (2016) in Human Nutrition and Exercise, where she fell in love with the connection between nutrition and athletic performance. She then went on to complete my Master’s in Nutrition at Appalachian State University (2019), where she found her love for the mountains and southern food! 

Her goal is to make your life easier by giving you the tools to figure out what your body needs, so you can go out there and crush your goals! She loves coaching others to better understand their individual needs and take away the stress of not knowing how to properly fuel themselves.

Connect with Rachel:

Work with Rachel at Screen Nutrition

Email us at with any questions, or DM us on Insta @thekirstenscreen

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