If you’re dreaming of turning your “little coaching side hustle” into a viable & sustainable 6-figure business that doesn’t…

  • require you to keep trading all your time for money
  • feel like a chore every single day
  • make you want to quit at least 3 times each week
  • work one month but feel hopeless the next
  • put you on an emotional rollercoaster that makes you question going back to a 9-5 just to feel stable again,

and that sets you up to impact more people with less 1:1 time given, while having more revenue streams…

…then making your online coaching business SCALABLE, in an aligned-to-you way, with a comprehensive strategy

is the solution.

Your mind is probably already racing to all of the “Yeah, but I can’t” worries:

  • How am I going to keep finding clients when I’m already struggling to fill 1:1? I’m exhausted.
  • Where would I find the time to create another offer, like a program? Time management & knowing what to focus on is a struggle.
  • How would I launch more offers when I’m struggling to have people listen to me?
  • How do I know what stuff I need to actually make this work? 
  • It’s too late to change anything. I’ve already tried to do this for so long. 

And the biggest “yeah, but it’s not for me” doubt:

I’m working harder and harder and not seeing the revenue to show for it. There is no way I can stay consistent with all the things that need to happen!

This is where the 6-Figure Business Accelerator comes in

What you'll learn


How to set up a tiered offer structure that can easily support sustainable high income months


How to put the right tech and human systems in place to support your 6-figure business


How to build the right mindset and confidence to run a 6 fig biz like a boss who stands out


How to speak to the right audience with content that attracts your dream clients


How to quickly, easily, & consistently create content that keeps people engaged and ready to buy


How to understand your clients journey and confidently sell to it


How to create offers that your audience can’t resist to buy


How to launch and sell those offers with a repeatable strategy


How to get so good at coaching that they stay and refer


How to manage and maximize the money you’re making like a CEO, for tax benefits + generational wealth

Curriculum Preview

(Once you’re in the S.F.B.A., you’re in! Anything I decide to add to the curriculum the future will automatically show up in your course – aka, you’ll be grandfathered in without paying any price increases that happen in the future.)

Identifying the problem is great. But not when that’s where it stops. This is the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW. There won’t be any guesswork. 

50+ lessons are loaded up with strategies for mastering your mindset, closing sales organically, captivating your audience, managing your money so it works for you, and a ton more.

This is the 101, 102, and 103 coursework for establishing, running, scaling, and sustaining a six-figure coaching business that can actually give you the time, money, and location freedom you’re after.

Hi, I’m Kirsten, the mind behind the Six-Figure Business Accelerator.

Throwing away the “must do’s” and ignoring the “I should’s” other business coaches were trying to push on me, and instead committing to building, running, and scaling my business in a strategic & replicable way that FELT good honestly changed my entire life.

I went from working 10-12 hour days with nearly 40 one-on-one clients, and an ever-growing dislike for my coaching business (while parenting 3 kids and being the supporting wife to my husband who is also an entrepreneur)…

…to working 20 hours a week (from wherever I want to), while being present for all the sporting events, school meetings, and Friday night dates with my husband – and making my former corporate annual salary in a month.

I’ve been an entrepreneur to varying degrees for 20 years. I’ve successfully built businesses that were acquired. And I’ve scaled not one, but two online coaching businesses from $0 to a 7-figure brand. Now I teach my entire strategy in the S.F.B.A. so YOU can build your dream, too.


  • How to set up a tiered offer structure that let’s all of your audience access what they need
  • Which systems you really need – including the humans that will support you
  • Why your message isn’t landing with the right people, and how to get past the imposter syndrome that’s keeping you from your potential
  • Which content leads to which results in your social media marketing, your in-person impact, and your status as the go-to authority in your niche
  • How to make your life easy when it comes to creating that content
  • Which offers will actually sell – and how to create them quickly and easily (not over the course of months!)
  • How to then launch them in a way that your audience can’t wait to message you “please take my money!”
  • How to coach with impact, so your clients pay, stay, and refer – while you keep the boundaries in place that keep you sane and happy!
  • And maybe most importantly: how to step into your Big Money Era as a CEO who knows how to use entrepreneurship for all the financial benefits it’s meant to provide!

Now included in the SIX-FIGURE BUSINESS ACCELERATOR curriculum when you pay in full:

Value: $399

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You’ll automatically be enrolled in the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Choose the $3,997 paid in full option and also receive the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Imagine this:

You’re out with your family, enjoying a quiet afternoon, and someone buys one of your programs without you having to get on a call or deliver live coaching.

Or you wake up on Monday morning, knowing you only have two 1:1 calls all week (or none, if you don’t want any!), and you know you’ve already exceeded 5-figures in income this month because you’ve got 7 (or 8 or more…) revenue streams working for you at all times…

without you having to have lengthy sales calls, overcome objections, cold-message anyone, or follow a complicated set of tasks every day to keep your business running.


  • trading time for money
  • hoping & praying someone will join your world
  • throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something will stick this month
  • working more hours than you did in your 9-5 and never seeing your family and loved ones

The Six-Figure Business Accelerator is for…

  • The solopreneur who wished they had someone guiding them with strategies for success 
  • The first time business owner who doesn’t want to waste time creating a business model that doesn’t work FOR them. 
  • The long term business owner who is burned out and done trading their time for money. 
  • The coach who wants to cut down on the 1:1 clients they see but still see big paychecks come in each month. 
  • The parent business owner who wants to structure things to maximize time & benefit for the family. Hello, generational wealth! Hello, not working until 8pm missing every soccer game or recital. 
  • Anyone who’s scared to charge what they’re worth and feel like they’re working a 9-5 but they’re the boss.

It’s time to get everything you need to build, scale, and pivot your online coaching business to 6-figures & beyond.

It’s like an “MBA” for your online coaching business, but better.

The biggest wins from the S.F.B.A.?

  • You get back the joy for this business you started
  • You get your time back – because freedom from being tied to a schedule is why you started this journey
  • Your audience gets to access the solution(s) they need, when they need them, at whichever pricing & proximity makes sense for them right now (aka no more lost clients!)

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Extended payment plans available. Click below and look for the extended pay option on the checkout page.

You’ll automatically be enrolled in the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Choose the $3,997 paid in full option and also receive the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Closing your laptop at 2pm and giving your full attention to your kids, knowing your business is continuing to work for you while you’re living is priceless. 🖤

Q: How long will it take me to work my way through the material?

I can’t give you an exact timeline on that, because many factors (including your commitment, efforts, and speed) will impact that. The S.F.B.A. is designed to ideally be watched in order when you start, but the beauty of these modules is that you can access whatever you need the most right now whenever you want.

Myth: Online coaching only works for business coaches.

Before I ever started teaching other coaches my method, I built a multi six-figure nutrition coaching business from $0, with no start-up funds. I’m a Registered Dietitian by trade, and nutrition science has always been my first love. Every single thing I teach in the S.F.B.A. is the exact strategy I used to turn my nutrition business into a thriving success, with a waitlist for 1:1 spots, filled group coaching spaces, and evergreen courses that sell every single time.

Q: I’m at the infant stage of my business. Is this still for me?

Perfect – because the S.F.B.A. will save you from making all of the mistakes most coaches make when starting out. You get to set up your business to work the way you want and the way that serves your life – instead of having to blow it all up and start over a year down the road.

Myth: You need a large audience to find enough clients.

It’s simply not true. I have business coaching clients who have in excess of 100,000 followers and are struggling to monetize their business – and then I have clients with less than 2K followers who are crushing business. An aligned audience that is presented with genius offers in a bold voice buys. The S.F.B.A. teaches you how.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for me? Can I get a refund?

After personally owning 7 businesses and helping dozens of people just like you build + scale their online businesses, we are confident that the strategies inside of our courses WORK (if you do!) and for this reason, we do NOT offer refunds under any circumstances.

Please make sure you are 100% committed before enrolling. We are happy to answer any questions you have (just email to make sure the S.F.B.A. is the right fit for you beforehand!

If you choose to purchase through a payment plan, you are responsible for all payments, whether you’ve accessed the entire course or not. There are no refunds, and payments will be automatically collected.

Q: How long will I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access, so don’t sweat tackling everything at once! It’s also self-paced, so you can make your way through it at your own speed.

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Extended payment plans available. Click below and look for the extended pay option on the checkout page.

You’ll automatically be enrolled in the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Choose the $3,997 paid in full option and also receive the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Being an entrepreneur can be so terrifying. How many nights have you laid awake in bed wondering how you’re going to pay for things? Or how to move past an obstacle?

If you were working a desk job, you’d run to your supervisor and ask – but in your solo biz, you and Google search are besties at this rate.

I put together these lessons to be the resource you run to and avoid the mistakes I made when I scaled my business.

I made six figures within 7 months of starting my online coaching business.

But the truth is, I could have done it sooner – and much easier – if there weren’t some trip ups along the way. 

I learned my way through those so you don’t have to. 

  • My kids are set up to be millionaires by the time they’re 65. 
  • I get massages on weekdays. Smack dab in the middle of working hours. 
  • I hardly see 1:1 clients. And the ones I have, I absolutely adore. 
  • I have CEO days entirely devoted to the business and not clients. 
  • And I have stripe notifications in my inbox all day long.

My business is not hard.

Someone lied to you when they said you needed to hustle to be rich.  You just need to be focused, strategic, and willing to learn.  So, are you with me?

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Extended payment plans available. Click below and look for the extended pay option on the checkout page.

You’ll automatically be enrolled in the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

Choose the $3,997 paid in full option and also receive the 11-masterclass bundle (valued at $399) as a bonus!

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