Podcast S2. Ep 8. Money & Spouses: A Raw Conversation About Entrepreneur Life

And so I think that kind of came kind of something that was just entrenched. Go out there, if you’re going to make something happen, you’re going to have to do it yourself.” – Christian [00:11:35]

This is a big day, you guys. I talk about my husband, Christian, on the podcast a lot, and today he is here with me, and we’re talking about potentially the most contentious relationship topic: money. As many of you know, we are both entrepreneurs, both together and separately, and yet we have very different approaches towards money—which is why we have put in the work to find a middle ground that benefits us and our family.

In this episode, we’re talking about how our upbringings influenced our relationship to money and risk-taking, how we’ve learned to work together over the years (hint: honesty, trust, and communication), and why we both see intentional risk-taking as an investment in yourself. And we’re giving a little G-rated sneak peek into our relationship.

What’s in this episode:

  • [05:52] How different Christian’s upbringing was from mine when it came to money, jobs, and stability
  • [13:37] How our childhoods and parents influenced our career trajectories as adults, and how we’ve found a middle ground as business (and life) partners
  • [20:04] Why calculated risk-taking is important, and how to view it as a big picture investment that benefits your personal and professional life
  • [25:44] The importance of trust in a marriage when it comes to financial and entrepreneurial decisions, and what Christian thought when I decided to go all in on my coaching business
  • [32:38] Christian’s favorite and least favorite things about my personality, and my favorite and least favorite things about his
  • [36:38] My upcoming offerings 

Christian’s Bio

Kirsten’s guest on this episode is her husband, Christian. He’s what she calls a serial entrepreneur who’s started 6 or 7 businesses (we’ve lost count) over the past two decades. He’s been Kirsten’s husband for 16 years, one of her favorite humans for 20, the father of their amazing kids, and her partner through bravery & confidence in entrepreneurship and life

He’s the owner & CEO of AICG, a data services company that offers professional services, advisory, and product development.

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