Podcast S2. Ep. 9 The Energetics of It All

“You’re not going to get to the place where there’s proof until you fully lean in and trust who you are.” – Kirsten [00:24:44]

Intuition. Feminine Energy. Spirituality. These are not usually the first words you think of when you think of being a business owner—and that needs to change. To build a business that is yours (and not a copy of someone else’s), to do the thing you are meant to do (yes, we all have something we’re meant to do) … You have to get clear on your soul expression.

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Emma Tynan, spiritual leader and coach and someone who I deeply respect and connect with, and she’s sharing the importance of knowing who you are at your core and getting to the heart of your soul’s work, and how those things can help you build the business you truly want and are meant to have. 

She helps women embrace their feminine energy to build sustainability in their businesses, to build massive amounts of aligned wealth, and to have time to spend with family and friends and to travel and do whatever is it their soul desires. I hope this episode inspires you to embrace that feminine energy to build a business that is an extension of your soul expression.

What’s in this episode:

  • [04:06] How Emma and I bonded as business owners who are also parents doing parent things, and the importance of building your business sustainably when you have a family
  • [10:04] Emma’s work as a spiritual leader teaching people how to understand their energetics, and how your business is an extension of who you are at your core
  • [18:45] How emulating others doesn’t allow you to discover your definition of success, and why it’s difficult to answer the call of your own soul expression
  • [24:30] Why people struggle with trusting in something when they don’t have “proof”
  • [29:39] Why Emma (and me, too) is leading women to build more wealth in a feminine and intuitive way (f*ck that masculine energy all the time)


Meet Emma

Emma Tynan is the founder of Emma Tynan International INC and The House of Visibility™, a communications and spiritual development program for women to embrace the untapped power of their innate intuition as a vehicle for expansion through truth-speaking. Emma is here to help women become business luminaries, to uncover their power and claim their legacy by owning the power of their voice. She’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, visionaries, healers and coaches become renowned by using their authentic voice, transforming their income and relationship with money and embodying their uniqueness to drive change and serve the collective.

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