Podcast S2. Ep 7. Motivation Level Zero

“The goal in your business should always be to work toward a business that gives you more and more freedom to not be in those spaces that drain you.” – Kirsten [00:22:50]

I didn’t want to record this podcast today. I am tired, I didn’t sleep well, and I’ve already had way too many annoyances happen in my business. In short, I have absolutely no motivation to do this. But I’m here showing up, recording for you today, because sometimes things suck and we have to get shit done anyway.

This episode isn’t a call for you to hustle your way out of a slump. No, it’s the opposite. This is an encouragement for you, that for every single one of us as entrepreneurs, no matter how much money we make, no matter how much help we get, we’re still going to have shitty days. 

And getting through those days where we have no energy and no motivation is about giving ourselves grace, taking a break, and then still finding a way to finish what we need to get done.

What’s in this episode:

  • [00:54] The disastrous morning I had before recording this episode
  • [05:57] Why making more money is great… but it doesn’t change the fact that life is just life sometimes
  • [09:42] Why we can’t use other’s social media highlight reels to set goals for our life and business
  • [12:42] Why you have to figure out why your motivation is waning: is it because you’re actually not passionate anymore or are you just tired from life?
  • [15:34] How I unintentionally put myself in a situation that sapped my motivation
  • [23:09] Why we’re always going to have to navigate those days where we have no motivation, no matter where we are in our business
  • [25:05] How to take a short break, regroup, and then show up and get shit done in your business anyway
  • [28:11] My current and upcoming offerings


Resources mentioned:

The BeBold program

Fail Forward Masterclass


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