Podcast S2. Ep. 3: Letting People Connect to the Real You

“Once you let them get to know you, they either love it or they don’t. And if they don’t, they leave. And that is fine.” — Kirsten [00:14:05]

Do you ever feel like you shouldn’t let people see the real you on social media? That it isn’t “professional” to curse, to be vulnerable, to state your opinions unapologetically? Don’t get sucked into these outdated notions. It is important now more than ever to show up as your true self in your business.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about why you have to ditch being the perfect “golden child” you were conditioned to be and start getting real. I’m sharing how I overcame that mentality and learned to be vulnerable and create meaningful connections with my clients, and how you need to do the same to find success and alignment in your business.

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:41] How I grew up as the “golden child” and how that need for external validation has manifested into missing out on connections with others
  • [09:07] Why trying to do everything right instead of trying to form connections will backfire in your coaching business
  • [13:27] How my most successful relationships have happened because I let my guard down and we connected with vulnerability, and how you can (and should) do the same
  • [20:39] Why it is important to show up in your business as your unapologetic self and why your clients will be interested in opening up to you when you share more openly with them
  • [24:02] Why connecting instead of achieving (don’t get me wrong, achieving is great) is what will get you clients that keep coming back

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