Podcast S2. Ep. 2: Stop Being Quiet and Start Getting Loud about Your Business

Are you putting enough of what actually makes you and what you want to rant about into the information you’re putting out? Is your audience seeing who you are in all of this?” — Kirsten [00:09:49]

Blending in seems easy. Staying quiet seems easy. But where is that approach to your business getting you? If you have frustrations about your business growth and direction, then it’s because you’re actually making things harder for yourself by not speaking up and being unapologetically yourself.

In today’s episode, I’m ranting (because this topic gets me so fired up) about the dangers of staying quiet in your business, how to overcome fear and use your voice, and three pieces of advice that elevated my business in 2022.

What’s in this episode:

  • [03:36] How the money I made in 2022 is not the real win—the real win is that I decided to use my voice and be unapologetically myself instead of trying to “fit in”
  • [09:16] How I regularly see people are not using their voices, and the importance of being authentically and uniquely you
  • [12:29] Why you have to stand out from the crowd instead of blending in to get the clients you want and to be more aligned in your work
  • [15:17] How making waves shows who you are at your core, and why you shouldn’t worry about appealing to everyone
  • [16:19] Ditching fear over calling yourself a business, being comfortable stating that you have a skill that dictates competitive compensation, and questions to ask yourself to move out of fear
  • [20:37] Upcoming programs to help you get clear and aligned in your business

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