Podcast S2. Ep. 19: Letting Go of Something Good to Make Room for Something Better

“If something feels draining and something feels like it is sidelining me from where I actually want to put my time, from where I actually want to be creative, from what I actually want to do, it’s not worth my energy because it’s going to backfire.” – Kirsten [00:13:16]

There are times to be shouting from the rooftops about your business and doing all the things, and then there are times to be introspective and analytical about your business. You need the space to assess whether or not something is working, whether it’s profitable, and whether it brings you joy. If you find yourself getting resentful about certain aspects of your business, it’s really okay to make changes. You don’t need my permission to do so, but you have it anyway.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing with you some pivots and decisions I’ve made in my business in the past few months. You get to go behind the scenes with me as I share why letting go of a program that is working and is profitable is hard. And I’m telling you about a brand new offering that I’m super excited about that I think you will be excited about too. 

There are lots of great things happening in my business and I want you to be a part of all of it. You know I keep it very transparent around here and I will tell it like it is. If something is draining my energy, it’s got to go. If something is boosting my creativity and excitement, then that’s where my journey is taking me. Here’s to the future! 

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:04] Some pivots taking place in my business the past few months, and why letting go of something that is working, like my program, The Reframe, is hard
  • [19:09] Why I urge you to routinely analyze your business and find the energy leaks
  • [24:38] My new offering that I’m super excited about, the Six-Figure Business Accelerator

Resources mentioned:

Find the Six-Figure Business Accelerator here:
Find The Loop Support Incubator membership here: 

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