Podcast S2. Ep 20; Get It In Writing: Why Entrepreneurs Need Legal Protection with Kristin Santamaria and Kelly Bub Smith

“People don’t think about their business long term. They think about their business right now, and they’re sometimes so busy putting out fires that they’re not able to see the longevity of this problem is going to come up or this need is going to arise. And if I don’t put stops in place now, this need is going to be a waterfall as opposed to a little trickle.”
Kirsten [00:23:37]

It’s important to have your ducks in a row as a business owner. Sometimes in the excitement of starting our businesses, we tend to postpone (or skip, gasp!) the legal work that we need to protect ourselves. But it’s a step you can’t overlook! And I’m just going to say it, the DIY method when it comes to legally binding contracts and NDAs and other forms is not going to cut it. You’re an expert in your business, but you don’t have to be a legal expert as well because there are people out there to help you. Outsource it so you can focus on what you do best.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kristin Santamaria and Kelly Bub Smith, the attorneys and BFF duo behind Dotted Lines Co., a legal education service and one-stop-shop for legal document templates. Kristin and Kelly share what it’s like working with your best friend, why they transitioned from corporate law to entrepreneurship, and how they help other entrepreneurs with legal needs.

We also chatted about how supportive their spouses were during their transition into starting Dotted Lines Co. It’s so fulfilling to have people in your corner when you start a new venture!

What’s in this episode:

  • [03:15] How Kristin and Kelly met, what it’s like working with your best friend, and why they made the jump from corporate law to entrepreneurship
  • [18:35] How Kristin and Kelly have been able to navigate working with entrepreneurs who have legal needs but also have a hard time outsourcing
  • [24:05] The legal education services that Kristin and Kelly offer at Dotted Lines Co.
  • [30:48] My Six-Figure Business Accelerator is now open!

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Meet Kristin and Kelly

Kristin Santamaria and Kelly Bub Smith are accomplished business attorneys with nearly 20 years of combined experience advising entrepreneurs ranging from small start-up companies to large multinational corporations on entity formation, protecting their businesses, and drafting and negotiating contracts of all shapes and sizes. They are also fellow entrepreneurs, wives, moms, and long-time best friends. They realized that many health and wellness entrepreneurs worry they are not legally protected. Together, they started Dotted Lines Co., LLC, a company that brings cost-efficient legal education and contract templates to entrepreneurs so they can have peace of mind and feel confident growing their business.

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