Podcast S3. Ep. 4: After 25 Years in Entrepreneurship, Christian Screen Still Wishes He’d Had a Business Mentor

“The price is not the issue. The issue is the value. You can sell anything to anybody because you are literally solving that project for them, and you’re doing it in a way that they feel like you’re talking directly to them.” -Kirsten Screen [00:23:39]

Back by popular demand, we have a very special guest on the podcast – my husband, Christian Screen. Christian has nearly 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, and he’s graciously sharing the many lessons he’s learned along the way, including how he thinks about business differently now than when he started out, why setting your own standards of success are so important, and how to sell by focusing on solutions instead of product offerings.

And while both Christian and I have learned so many lessons in our years of entrepreneurship… we learned a lot of them the hard way, by making mistakes and trying to navigate situations with very little experience. A theme that came up multiple times in this episode is how we BOTH wish we’d had a mentor to help guide us through aspects of our business. 

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What’s in this episode:

  • [00:00] Intro
  • [01:20] An honest look at the intersection of entrepreneurship and life in the Screen household
  • [07:01] How Christian pivoted a sales call from a product-centered to solution-centered conversation and why that matters for your business
  • [14:15] Why Christian, now 25 years into entrepreneurship, spends more time focusing on his customer than he did when first starting out
  • [19:33] Christian’s entrepreneurial motivations outside of making money (even though that’s one motivation too)
  • [24:49] Christian’s perspective on both failure and success – and why you need to examine the way you define both
  • [30:41] How Christian handles the occasional volatility of owning a business, especially when thinking about supporting a family
  • [36:45] Why Christian wishes he’d had a business mentor when first starting out and how his career could have improved with experienced guidance 

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Resources mentioned:

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Christian’s Bio

Kirsten’s guest on this episode is her husband, Christian. He’s what she calls a serial entrepreneur who’s started 6 or 7 businesses (we’ve lost count) over the past two decades. He’s been Kirsten’s husband for 16 years, one of her favorite humans for 20, the father of their amazing kids, and her partner through bravery & confidence in entrepreneurship and life

He’s the owner & CEO of AICG, a data services company that offers professional services, advisory, and product development.


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