Podcast S3. Ep2 How to Not (Accidentally) Have Your Business Gutted by Someone Else

Cease and desist means you can no longer operate like this, not just, hey, let’s rename the thing before we make a bunch of noise. But it’s like at that point you have to shut down the business component” – Kirsten Screen [00:05:57]

Here’s a question: Would you find some land, build and furnish an entire building on it, and set up a business and create revenue from that location WITHOUT having the legal rights set up to occupy that space, knowing that at any time, someone could come and rent or buy that space out from under you? 

Of course not! That sounds crazy, right? But, you might just be doing that with your intellectual property without even knowing it. 

Today’s guest, Chandler J, is here to share all the reasons you need to protect your trademark and your business’s intellectual property, how to go about making sure your business is protected… and sharing a few horror stories about what could happen if you neglect this portion of setting up your business. This is one episode you can’t miss!

What’s in this episode:

  • [03:57] Some ways that not filing trademarks can expose your business 
  • [05:16] Why a cease and desist isn’t the worst thing that can happen in a trademark infringement case (by a long shot)
  • [09:07] Why “not knowing” isn’t enough to get you out of trademark legal troubles
  • [15:52] Why it’s better and less expensive to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to trademarking your business
  • [20:56] Chandler’s personal horror story of putting off filing her own trademark

Resources mentioned:

Asset Protection Program LIVE

Chandler’s Bio

Chandler is an intellectual property attorney and founder of Lethal Legal. She helps business owners secure rights to their brand so they can scale, stress-free. Connect with her on IG at @lawyerchandlerj.

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