Podcast S2. Ep. 17: Breaking Out of the Box as a Female CEO with Kristine Schwartz

“I don’t want to push people aside in order to get ahead. I want to create a path where we all rise collectively and support each other and we cheer each other on and nobody’s competition. And together we open doors. It’s a whole different approach. ” – Kirsten [00:11:13]

As women, we often are the caretakers of everyone else’s needs and desires. We get stuck in a box, only being able to do certain things or follow certain paths. But as CEOs, we’ve got to change that mindset. We’ve got to break out of the box and chase after our dreams. 

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Kristine Schwartz, an offer coach for women entrepreneurs. Kristine shares about how women are breaking out of the box in life and business, what a superpower offer is, and why understanding your clients’ pain points are essential in creating offers.  

Kristine also shares how she has fun in her business to avoid overwhelm, and what surprised her most about becoming an entrepreneur. Here’s your permission slip from Kristine and me: step into the CEO role, revolutionize your mindset, and achieve your dreams. That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? 

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:08] Kristine shares a bit about her background and how she helps people build their dreams on the internet
  • [08:41] The concept of expansion and how women are breaking out of the box in a revolutionary way
  • [12:01] What a superpower offer is, and why understanding your client’s struggles and journey is key in business
  • [23:22] Why it’s so important to create space for innovation and fun in your business
  • [26:45] Kristine shares the biggest surprise in becoming an entrepreneur after working in the corporate world

Meet Kristine

Kristine Schwartz is an offer coach who helps female entrepreneurs build their high ticket superpower offers. She also helps them sell authentically and build organic funnels. She’s a retreat leader, a speaker and owner of the Refined Ritual modern meditation boxes for entrepreneurs.

Connect with Kristine

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