Podcast S2. Ep. 14: Get Off the Hamster Wheel: How to Build Long Term Income Streams for Your Business

“Innovation, this is where entrepreneurs get wealthy. Entrepreneurs get wealthy because they’re constantly innovating and they’re constantly creating new things that can then passively make them money.” – Kirsten [00:07:34]

I had a call with Alex, my Ops Manager, this week and it inspired me to make some shifts in my business that will lead to long term growth and revenue. I’m willing to put the work and the money in up front to see it pay off for me down the road in the future. If you’re still living month to month chasing immediate cash, you have to think bigger, my friends. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing why you need to be willing to make those shifts and pivots in your business that will provide you with strategic, long term, and mostly passive income in the future. Short term thinking leads to long lasting burnout and that will spell disaster for your business. Be willing to step back and plan and see the forest, if you will. 

Also, remember that you and your business don’t have to be focused on just one thing. Have multiple income streams. Diversify your offerings. Make money while you’re living life with your family. Isn’t that the ultimate entrepreneurial goal? 

What’s in this episode:

  • [01:33] Why it’s key to not only think about making money now, but also making money in the long term for your business
  • [05:12] A little behind the scenes glimpse of building offers in my business with long-term financial goals in mind
  • [08:13] Multiple revenue streams, and passive income products are key for financial success
  • [16:49] Why you should take immediate action when something feels right, while also understanding that immediate action doesn’t equal immediate income
  • [21:50] You have to be willing to shift and pivot in your business and try new things


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