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Podcast S2 Ep. 11: Authenticity, Passion, and Online Boundaries with Elisabeth Scott

“I always say you become the best coach in the thing that you care the most about because you live it. Your coaching business should be an extension of your life.” – Kirsten [00:25:08]

So many business owners focus on the wrong thing when it comes to social media. It’s truly not about how many followers you have, it’s about showing up as your authentic self for your audience. 

In todays’ episode, I’m chatting with Elisabeth Scott, a runner and running coach who has grown her audience tremendously over the past few years. Elisabeth shares why you should focus on providing the best, most impactful information you can with your followers, why you shouldn’t be afraid to repeat yourself, and how to keep your online presence separate from your personal life.

Elisabeth has been able to stand out in an over saturated space because she knows that it doesn’t matter if you have 100 followers or a million, what matters is giving valuable information. You won’t gain traction with your audience if they can tell that you’re just in it for the money. So, here’s your permission slip to let the social media milestones go and just be your true, passionate self. 

What’s in this episode:

  • [03:16] Elisabeth shares how her business came from a desire to get healthy and why she felt compelled to start her running Instagram account during the pandemic
  • [07:58] Why starting with your passion, instead of a desire to make money, is the best way to resonate with others in your business
  • [11:00] How Elisabeth’s Instagram account has grown tremendously over the past few years by focusing on providing the best information possible
  • [17:45] Why you shouldn’t be afraid to repeat your core messaging
  • [19:27] Why brand and authority are two key factors in growing your business and gaining the trust of your clients
  • [21:47] How Elisabeth has stood out in what could be perceived as an over saturated space online
  • [24:44] Why your business will crumble if you don’t have true authenticity and believe in what you do
  • [27:45] Why it’s important to keep your online presence and your personal life separate
  • [30:43] Why you shouldn’t worry about reaching social media following milestones
  • [35:05] Why your free content should be your best content in terms of cementing your authority

Meet Elisabeth

Elisabeth Scott is the founder and head coach of Running Explained. She is on a mission to help runners of all abilities and experience levels become better, smarter, and faster runners. Find her at, on Instagram at @runningexplained, and every Thursday on new episodes of the top-rated The Running Explained Podcast, available on all major platforms.

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