Podcast S1 Ep. 5: Why Doctors Have No Business Giving Nutrition Advice

“Like your doctor should do the doctoring. Your dietitian should do the dieticianing.”

[00:20:56] Kirsten

We place a lot of trust in doctors. And while we do believe they’re usually great at “doctoring,” in our experience, they’re not so great at “dietitianing.” We’ve witnessed so many clients suffer for years from symptoms their doctors couldn’t treat, only to be immediately relieved after just a few dietary changes. It’s time doctors learned to rely on the rest of their medical staff and stay in their own lane.

In this episode, we’re taking on a controversial topic: doctors giving nutrition advice. We’re sharing our own clients’ experiences and how we uncovered issues their doctors missed. We’re also explaining why most doctors don’t receive comprehensive nutrition education, and we’re sharing how we treat the root cause of someone’s issues, not just their symptoms.

What’s in this episode:

  • A brief disclaimer before we jump into a controversial topic [1:26]
  • The limited nutrition background most doctors get during their education [2:16]
  • Why we believe doctors should always involve a Registered Dietitian instead of tackling nutrition questions on their own [6:11]
  • How doctors could better rely on the rest of the medical staff [6:52]
  • Developing your own sense of “clinical judgment” and learn to look at the bigger picture [9:57]
  • What issues our clients have struggled with, and how we found what the doctors missed [13:39]
  • The danger of treating the symptoms instead of the root cause [17:30]
  • Why we believe in teaching our clients about their bodies, not just treating the immediate issues [23:14]

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