Podcast S1 Ep. 6: Uncomfortable Conversations About Money

“If you’re qualified, if you can produce the value and the transformations, and you’ve proven time and time and time again that you are the woman for the job, why should you apologize for the compensation?”

[00:13:56] Kirsten

Let’s fucking talk about money! In our field, there’s this expectation that you go to school, pay thousands for an internship, and then spend your entire career working for peanuts and trying to pay back student loans. We think that’s bullshit. It’s time we started having uncomfortable money conversations and demanding to be paid what we’re worth.

In this episode, we get down and dirty with money: how much we made starting out, how we increased our salaries, and what we think about the current state of RD earning potential. We share how we overcame our own money stories to demand more, and we share some advice for students and new RDs who are nervous about their financial futures.

What’s in this episode:

  • Our beef with internships and RD salaries [1:07]
  • How money influenced our education and career decisions [2:22]
  • Our experiences with money at the beginning of our careers [3:34]
  • Why women in care-centric careers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for more money [11:04]
  • Why we believe in having these uncomfortable money conversations [14:42]
  • How to stand up in the industry with confidence and collaborate with other women [19:12]
  • Overcoming your money stories by talking with fellow industry leaders [22:23]
  • Our message for undergrads who are worried about their earning potential [25:28]

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