Podcast S1 Ep. 4: Why DM Sales Scripts Are Dead

“I want money from the right aligned people who want to be in my space because something that I said or did or a way that I showed up resonated with them.” 
[00:07:43] Kirsten 

If you’ve ever taken an online business course, you’ve probably been encouraged to “sell in the DMs.” While this tactic might have worked a few years ago, these days it’s the quickest way to get yourself blocked by a potential client. It’s pushy, it’s invasive, and more than anything, it doesn’t feel good for anyone involved.

In this episode, we’re breaking down the concept of “selling in the DMs” and offering some more ethical, authentic alternatives. We’re sharing how each of us shifted away from this outdated, sleazy sales tactic. Plus, we’re explaining why it’s better to attract clients than hunt them down and sell to them directly.

What’s in this episode:

  • Why Brooke hates the idea of selling in the DMs [1:08]

  • How Kirsten shifted away from selling in the DMs [3:35]

  • Why your audience should have the choice of whether or not to engage [5:10]

  • How to create a solid foundation for your relationship with a potential client [8:22]

  • Why we don’t believe in using “pain points” in your marketing [11:29]

  • Why the best clients are the ones who reach out to you, not the ones you hunt down yourself [15:14]

  • How to practice ethical, strategic sales on social media [17:13]

  • Our message for anyone who feels like they have to “sell in the DMs” in order to succeed [21:27]

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