Podcast S1 Ep. 3: Toeing the Line Based on the Old Paradigm

“We’re saying it’s important to be authentic to you and step into that, but also know that it’s probably going to be uncomfortable as shit and that’s part of the process.”

[00:17:31] Brooke

Much of our industry operates within the “old paradigm”: hustle hard, pay your dues, don’t break the status quo. But frankly, we think that’s bullshit! There are a million ways to run a business, and the best way is the one that aligns with you and you alone. When you find your own balance and flow, you can create a business that’s uniquely ‘you’ and attract clients who align with your values.

In this first episode, we’re talking about the trend we’ve seen of Registered Dietitians “toeing the line” with hustle culture. We’re calling out the standard of toxic productivity in the nutrition space, and we’re sharing our own stories of finding flow and balance in our businesses. Plus, we’re talking about imposter syndrome and dealing with criticism from people outside the profession.

What’s in this episode:

  • How people in our field tend to toe the line with the old paradigm of “hustle culture” and toxic productivity [2:16]
  • What “success” means to us, and how to define your own version of success [4:30]
  • Why we believe RDs should break the mold and run their businesses in a way that feels aligned [6:34]
  • Why so many dietitians spend their careers afraid to take up space [8:10]
  • Why our industry seems to be so competitive and averse to sharing knowledge [9:23]
  • How our collaboration has helped us grow individually and love our careers more [12:15]
  • Imposter syndrome in the world of dietitians and dealing with trolls [15:26]
  • How to find balance between your masculine and feminine energy in your work [18:47]

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