Podcast S3. Ep. 6: Why You’re Not Thinking Enough About Your Tax Strategy with Barbara Schreihans

“And I’m just thinking like, there has to be a better way. And I remember seeing a tax strategy, like certification and training. And I just like took it, paid for it out of my own pocket, didn’t have a business at the time. And I was like, this is what I’ve been looking for. And so when we were moving from North Carolina to Arizona, I ended up saving a client from the last firm I worked at, like 2 million in taxes. [00:15:24]

It was this huge construction firm. And I was supposed to get a commission off of. Like how much they saved. Cause they ended up paying this company the most, like that firm had been in business since the sixties and the partner was like, wow, they just wrote us the biggest check we’ve ever received. And in my head, I’m like, sweet, I should get, I’m getting a commission on this. [00:15:46]

Well, I didn’t get the commission and I’m crying to my husband because that commission would have paid off my student loans and which was like crippling at the time. And my husband was like, well, If that client was your client, how much would they have paid you? And that was like my light bulb moment.” – Barbara Schreihans  [00:14:57]

Today’s conversation is not about taxes. Sure, we’ll talk about tax strategy and how life-changing it can be to have a good one. But this is a conversation about how diving into entrepreneurship (via a tax strategy firm) changed the life of one woman’s family… and every person she works with.

In this episode, we have the amazing Barbara Shreihans on the podcast. She shares everything from her inspiring story of breaking generational trends to how entrepreneurship has allowed her the freedom to change the lives of those around her for the better to her advice for other business owners. And, of course, a few thoughts on her speciality: tax strategy.

Plus, I’m leaving you with a different question at the end of every episode this season! This episode, consider: Are you confident in your tax strategy? How confident? And if it’s not 90%+, what are you going to do to improve that?

This conversation was so fun, and there’s something here for everyone. Let’s dive in!

What’s in this episode:

  • [02:14] What tax strategy is and why it’s crucial for your business
  • [05:23] How Barbara started out in accounting and discovered how digging deep into tax strategies can change lives for the better
  • [12:28] How Barbara shifted from being “just” an accountant into entrepreneurship
  • [18:55] Hoe Barbara navigates her professional relationship with her husband, now that they both work for her business
  • [24:12] The freedom that Barbara and her family have been able to embrace since her transition to entrepreneurship
  • [28:08] The biggest blessing Barbara’s received from entrepreneurship and the biggest mistake she sees other business owners making (spoiler: it’s not about taxes!)


Resources mentioned:

Grab my new free training here

Find the Six-Figure Business Accelerator here

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

“Rich AF” by Vivian Tu

“The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson


Meet Barbara Schreihans:

Barbara Schreihans (pronounced ShREE- hands) is the Founder and CEO of Your Tax Coach, the Creator of the Write Off Your Life™ Course, and voice behind the Life-Changing Money podcast. She’s a kickass tax strategist, business coach, and all-around master when it comes to wealth and finances. Barbara aids business owners and high net-worth individuals in saving tens of millions of dollars in taxes while also growing their profits. When she’s not leading her team, coaching clients or dreaming up new goals for her company, you can find her drinking coffee, hanging out with her family and traveling the world.


Connect with Barbara:

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