Podcast S1 Ep. 1: Who We Are & Why We’re Here

Ep. 1: Who We Are & Why We’re Here

“It was a huge turning point of kind of stepping into what I knew I was really good at and just having the confidence to do it.”

Kirsten [00:05:58]

It’s time to take up more space. We want to open the door for tough conversations and real dialogue about running and scaling your business as a Registered Dietitian. From career advice to money mindset to our own stories from the field–you can expect a little bit of everything here on Embodied CEO.

In this first episode, we’re opening up about our career journeys so far and what led us to starting this podcast. Kirsten is talking about rediscovering her passion for nutrition, and Brooke is sharing her story of transitioning from tech start up to a private practice. Plus, we’re giving you a sneak peek into the tough, honest, and necessary conversations we’ll be having later on in the podcast.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Kirsten rediscovered her passion for nutrition and created a business she loves [1:39]
  • How Brooke transitioned to private practice [6:39]
  • How Kirsten and Brooke met and started working together [9:25]
  • Why we started the podcast to have the tough, uncomfortable conversations that are necessary for running a business [11:28]
  • What you can expect from Embodied CEO [17:06]
  • Why we’re empowering other RDs to take up space and get paid their worth [19:37]

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Connect with Brooke at or by visiting her website at Follow her on Instagram to learn about her openings for business intensives and Voxer coaching.

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