Empow(h)er Retreat
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
April 11-14, 2024

Indulge in some “me time” in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, April 11-14, 2024

a place to connect with powerful women on the same journey

Welcome to the Empower(h)er Women’s Retreat—a sanctuary where paradise meets empowerment. Picture yourself amidst the beauty of Playa del Carmen, with turquoise waves, golden beaches, and the vibrant vibes of a rich culture & relaxation.

We chose this location carefully to combine luxury and nature to create an experience beyond the ordinary. You’ll wake up to the sound of the ocean, greeted by the sun painting the sky in hues of pink and gold. Imagine indulging in relaxation and spa time, or embarking on an adventure—paddle boarding in the ocean or hiking through lush canopies (or simply taking a nap by the pool).

But this retreat isn’t just about the destination; it’s about embracing your journey as a woman entrepreneur. Join us for powerful discussions and growth sessions with Kirsten Screen, a coach dedicated to igniting your business genius. Feel the camaraderie as you connect with fellow powerhouse women, potentially birthing collaborations and lifelong friendships in an intimate fireside chat.

Our goal is to for this retreat is for you to connect back to yourself & your business, and with new acquaintances who can become lifelong friends. Eat, play, grow, and mastermind in relaxation, sunshine, and all-inclusive 5-star luxury that puts you first.

Imagine yourself…

Unplugging & listening to waves crashing in the background while sipping on a cocktail, smiling, and connecting. Surrounded by good energy and a strong sense of belonging right here with these people. This is after spending a day laughing, learning, and growing with women who might become lifelong friends.

…so imagine the effect of three extraordinary days and nights in the exclusive company of motivated people like you, with the specific intention of helping you reach your goals and fulfill your greatest potential in business and personally. This event is a true meeting of minds, hearts, and souls. Because together, we are SO much more than the sum of our parts.

Imagine a retreat like no other, where you, as the incredible women entrepreneurs you are, finally get the support, empowerment, and rejuvenation you deserve.

The Empower(h)er Women’s Retreat is the event you can’t afford to miss.
Coach Kirsten Screen will be by your side to help you transform your business, your mindset, and your connections.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with opportunities to form joint ventures, foster collaborations, and build an unbreakable sisterhood.

Women’s retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, April 11-14, 2024

Retreat Highlights

Oceanfront Luxury: Unwind and reconnect with yourself in a lavish oceanfront king room. It’s your sanctuary for a few days, where the sound of waves will soothe your soul.

Spa Indulgence: You’ve been giving your all to your business; now it’s time for you. Pamper yourself with spa treatments that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Culinary Delights: Enjoy exquisite dinners together, share stories, and forge bonds over delightful cuisine. An experience to savor!

Morning Yoga: Start your day with tranquility and focus. A group yoga session will help you center yourself and gain mental clarity for the day ahead.

Business Empowerment: Kirsten Screen, your trusted coach, will guide you through transformative sessions. Discover strategies to supercharge your business, regain your confidence, and reclaim your power.

Capture the Moment: Professional photographers will be on hand to capture both individual and group moments, ensuring you have memories to cherish.

Adventure and Connection: In the afternoons, you have choices – from Stand Up Paddleboarding to serene Nature Walk to simply relaxing and reading a book. Reconnect with yourself, outside all of your responsibilities.

Fireside Chat: Gather at the Beach Temple for a fireside chat. Let go of limiting beliefs & share your dreams and aspirations, and witness the birth of lifelong friendships.

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.”

This is YOUR time to recharge, to rediscover your strength, and to build lasting connections.
Don’t miss out on the Empower(h)er Women’s Retreat. Your future self will thank you. 🌟

This retreat is for you if…

You’re craving space and time to take a breather from being “on” as the CEO all the time…and can’t wait to dive back into your creativity & future-dreaming.

You’ve been looking for that space that inspires you, stirs your soul, and feels life-changing…and leaves you riding that high for weeks after you’re back home.

You’re jonesing for freedom and time to recharge
and mastermind with other women who are after building the same things you are…and you can’t wait to exchange ideas and possibilities.


Thursday, 4/11/2024

You have arrived in Paradise! A shuttle will transport you to Palmaia

6:00 pm Mixer: Cocktails by the Rituals of Sound 

7:00 PM: Dinner for early arrivals – a taste of the luxurious journey that awaits

Friday, 4/12/2024

Morning: join us for private group yoga in the morning 

10:00AM: meet in our exclusive mastermind space at for growth and entrepreneur expansion.

Afternoon: The
afternoon will be all about relaxation on the beach, at the pool, paddle boarding, going for a walk or hanging in your room – or some spa time!

6:00PM: experience the soothing Rituals of Sound to unwind before our group dinner at 7:00PM.

Saturday, 4/13/2024

10:00AM: more empowering sessions in the meeting space, tailored to your entrepreneurial journey, with a sprinkle of creativity as a photographer captures your vibe individually (for your own media kit) and as a group.

Afternoon: Enjoy free time, and Kirsten will be around for 1:1 mastermind time.

6:00PM: catch more of the Rituals of Sound to reflect on your journey and set intentions.

7:00PM: we will have another group dinner, sharing your experiences and forging lasting connections.

9:00PM: we’ll close out the day with a private Fireside Chat on the beach. Discard limiting beliefs, share your dreams, and declare intentions for when you return to reality.

Sunday, 4/14/2024

You’ll have your final breakfast at the hotel before the shuttle will take the group back to Cancun airport for your flight home!

About the resort:

Welcome to the Palmaia House of Aia in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Prepare to be spoiled by the unparalleled 5-star luxury and oceanside serenity.  Imagine indulgence, a gorgeous oceanside setting of blue waters and golden sands, and all the luxury and relaxation you crave.

You play a demanding role every day as a woman entrepreneur. The goal for this retreat is to provide the respite and rejuvenation you deserve.

Besides the retreat activities, you have lots of things to choose from at the Palmaia. The nightly Rituals of Sound kicks off at sunset, and the Architects of Life is different from anything you’ve done. 

This retreat is your chance to momentarily disconnect from the chaos, enjoying your solo oceanfront king room and being pampered at the spa. Don’t miss this opportunity to put yourself first, get back to the powerful entrepreneur inside, and connect with others on the exact same path. 

Your Investment

Early Bird Special

This retreat is limited to 10 participants MAX!

We will have a pre-retreat zoom coaching call to set the stage and answer any final questions on March 6, 2024, at 12pm EST.

Empow(h)er Retreat with Kirsten Screen


Single occupancy room ocean-front room

*The investment will go up by $500 after the first 5 participants have joined

hummingbird, bird, perched

To Join Us…

  • Place your non-refundable deposit of $1,000 by clicking the button below.
  • 50% of your total balance is due January 10, 2024
  • The remaining balance is due in full on February 29, 2024

    Reconnection takes on a new meaning in a place where nature, relaxation, growth, and women’s wisdom coexist. We can’t wait to welcome you to this retreat!

*The investment will go up by $500 after the first 5 participants have joined

Our Cancellation Policy…

Any cancellation will result in a total loss of all fees paid to that point.

We reserve the right to cancel the trip if we do not meet the trip minimum. (If we do so, your deposit is refunded in full.)

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use our suggested travel insurance and choose the best policy option for you.

Not Sure If This Trip Is For You?


What is included in the fee?
  1. Everything that is included in the all-inclusive hotel stay
  2. Round-trip scheduled shuttle service to and from Cancun International Airport (see below for scheduled times)
  3. All mastermind events (yoga, mastermind sessions in the resort library, fireside chat, gift certificate to use at the spa, and meals as described above in the all-inclusive hotel details)
Am I responsible for my air travel?
  1. Yes, you are responsible for booking your own flight to and from Cancun International Airport.
  2. Plan to arrive on 4/11/24 and depart on 4/14/24.
  3. Please plan your arrival flight to land no later than x time on 4/11/24 in order to catch the scheduled shuttle to the resort.
  4. Please plan your departure flight to leave no earlier than x time on 4/14/24 in order to catch the scheduled shuttle back to the airport
Which airport should I fly into?
  1. You should fly into Cancun International Airport
  2. We recommend not booking your flight until final retreat confirmation on 1/10/2024.
  3. Plan to arrive no later than 2pm on 4/11/24 in order to catch the scheduled shuttle to the resort.
  4. Plan to leave no earlier than 1pm on 4/14/24 in order to catch the scheduled shuttle back to the airport
What time do I need to arrive and at what time should I schedule my return flight?
  1. The exact shuttle time will be determined closer to the retreat.
  2. We suggest not finalizing your flight until final retreat confirmation on 1/10/2024.
  3. If your flight arrives outside the shuttle time on arrival day, or you wish to leave the resort before or after the scheduled shuttle transfer on departure day, you will be responsible for your own transportation from the airport to the resort. Please make sure you have arranged this ahead of time as we cannot be responsible for your transportation outside of the scheduled shuttle service!
What other financial pieces should I anticipate?
  1. Your stay is all-inclusive. If you wish to purchase souvenirs or other a la carte items that aren’t part of the hotel’s all inclusive offerings, you will be responsible for all costs associated with those.
  2. The hotel will put a $500 temporary hold onto your credit card upon arrival to cover any incidental charges.
  3. If you do not incur any incidental charges, the full hold will be removed from your card.
Do I have to participate in all scheduled activities?
  1. No! We want you to relax and enjoy your time. Beach not your thing? No worries, take a nap in your room! Hate yoga? Who doesn’t sometimes! Read a book by the pool. 
  2. We strongly encourage you to take part in the masterminding sessions so we can work through your current business hangups, your dreams, your struggles, your growth goals…and just the overall mess that is being a female business owner who is pulled in a million directions!
  3. The bottom line is we want this to be your time to feel prioritized, a little spoiled, and welcomed with open arms!
Does the hotel accommodate dietary preferences?
  1. The resort prides itself in whole food cuisine, sustainably sourced.
  2. You can find details on the hotel’s cuisine here.
  3. Information on the many restaurants is available here.
Will I have my own room?
  1. Yes, all rooms will be single occupancy.
  2. If you wish to bring a spouse or friend, please contact us at to discuss how you can arrange their fee directly with the hotel. Your guests may not participate in any retreat activities.
Can I bring a friend or spouse?
  1. You will need to contact the hotel to find out what additional charges you will be responsible for directly with them for your guest’s all-inclusive cost
  2. They will not be able to attend any of our scheduled retreat events, including group dinners (as we have headcount reservations through the resort).
Can I stay longer if I want to?
  1. Yes! The resort has graciously agreed to honor our group rate for you for a total of 3 days before or 3 days after the scheduled retreat.
  2. You will be responsible for all fees associated with your extended stay, and you will have to arrange your own transportation to/from the resort (depending on whether you’re coming early or staying later).
  3. We will connect you with the right people at the resort so you can make your own arrangements. These need to be finalized before the retreat; you will not be able to extend once you are there.
  4. If you know you’d like to stay longer, please reply to the welcome email you will receive upon registration and let us know so that we can connect you ASAP.
How early and late will each event day run?
  1. Our arrival dinner will be at 7pm
  2. Friday will begin with optional yoga before breakfast and we will start at 10am with our scheduled mastermind time. We will have our group dinner around 7pm.
  3. Saturday will start at 10am with our scheduled mastermind time, and our fireside chat will take place from 9-11pm.
  4. Sunday is on your own time! You’re welcome to have breakfast together or meet Kirsten for breakfast and then catch the shuttle back to the airport.

Women’s retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, April 11-14, 2024

Registration Form

Complete the information below to register for the Empow(h)er RetreatMake sure you click the “Enroll In Retreat & Make Deposit” button at the botton to secure your spot! You are not confirmed for attendance until your deposit has been received. Deposits are taken on a first come, first served basis. Once maximum capacity has been reached, we will close registration.


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